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Coworking spaces: a new way of achieving productivity

Salvador Bueno, 
Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás,
M. Dolores Gallego

Purpose: This paper aims to explore the relationship between coworking spaces and productivity.

A research model was designed to carry out the analysis. Specifically, this model attempts to reveal the influence of social interactions and the coworking environment on productivity. Furthermore, three moderated variables were incorporated into the model: gender, age and level of education. A Web-based survey was conducted.

The findings confirm the positive influence of social interactions and coworking environment on productivity.

Research limitations/implications
There are two limitations. First, it is based on the perception of coworkers. It would be interesting to add the perception of coworking space managers to provide more solid findings. The second limitation is that it has not suggested any additional potential factors which could affect productivity.

Practical implications
Implications of this study are grouped into two categories. First, from an academic perspective, it contributes to the development of knowledge about the increasing use of coworking spaces. Second, from a managerial perspective, this paper highlights how environmental factors and the facilities of a workplace can help to achieve better conditions for productivity, in particular in coworking spaces.

Social implications
Furthermore, the use of social interactions in professional relationships can be understood as an alternative way to carry out new ways of doing business.

This paper contributes to the enrichment of knowledge-concerning coworking spaces developed a pioneering study.

© Copyright 2019 Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz - All Rights Reserved