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I am a experienced software developer that has worked in international teams developing applications concurrently used by millions of people. If my experience can help you, let me know.

Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz

Ruby on Rails Developer

I solve real problems with the right amount of technology. I specialize in designing and implementing applications using web technologies. My tools of trade are Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL, and the vast ecosystem that support both of them.

I develop software following a simple premise: Code is not an asset, but liability, thereby it must concise, easy to change and to extend, so that the software can be continuously mutated to support the changing necessities of your actual business. 

I avoid trends, and the pursue of the Next Big Thing. I would rather develop an intense and deep knowledge of a small set of proven tools, than to waste my mine and your time reinventing the wheel, in different colours.


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Business Website

You need a website for your business. I can help you communicate what your business can do for your clients by designing the perfect website for you.

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© Copyright 2019 Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz - All Rights Reserved