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A critical essay on the subject of New Age Feminism

I am not a New Age Feminist. You may be fighting to protect people who do in fact need to be protected, but you are fighting the wrong enemy. When a man hits a woman that he is in a relationship with, he is not doing so because she is a woman, and he is a man and such is their violent nature. He is doing so because violent people have violent desires and those who are near those individuals have violent ends. Both men and women alike have a sad history of violence towards their fellow brothers and sisters, their sons and daughters, their mothers and fathers; and you reap what you sow. But they also have a long history of harmonious coexistence and concerted celebration of Life, of appreciation of each of their respective physical and spiritual qualities in times of cultural Renaissance, and cooperation in times of war in the pursue of Liberty and Freedom. It is not a coincidence that the banner of the French Revolution was held by an armed woman supported by armed men, and the children they both created and whose future they both fight to protect.

Violence is what we need to condemn, and fight against, and not men. Ideologies and Religions are what we need to put under the fair microscope of rational critique, and not to succumb to this cultural decay known as Cultural Marxism that relentlessly pushes for the self-blaming and irrational hatred of heterosexuals, Europeans, men, healthy habits, entrepreneurial success, and the Stoic Humanist West. Liberal men and women are complementary allies in the essential battle for individual and secular Freedom. Do not let the anti-liberal Cultural Marxism, so dominant both on the Progressive Left and the Regressive Right, taint the Humanist heritage of mankind with the poison of hate and division.

The Greeks are no longer the incisive philosophers that first gave us Empiricism, or the concept of Republic, or that identified the divide between the Stoic and the Hedonist way of life; the Roman Empire was not the Roman Republic, that valued rational discussion, that empowered entrepreneurs, that created roads, aqueducts, and sewers still used today, that respected freedom of religion, that protected free trade, that gave us coded Law, that valued age, experience and integrity; the Middle Ages was not a prelude of the Renaissance, but the lack of it; The European Union is no longer a union of Europeans; The United States of America is no longer the Thirteen Colonies, that while having no army, and no navy to speak of, united and fought a war to defy the largest empire that has ever existed and the most powerful military force of the time, because they did no want to be imposed a 1% Income Tax.

Be a Liberal, yes, but a be True Liberal. And be both in soul and in action, for cultural progress is not a constant and unstoppable force of nature, but a conscious human action; something you either fight for or watch it vanish into the oblivion of obscurantism.


© Copyright 2019 Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz - All Rights Reserved