Coworking Study Results: Productivity in coworking spaces.

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Back in 2015 I published a article asking for people to participate on a coworking study I was doing as a part of my Master’s research project. I am publishing the results now (2016). The objective was to study how the productivity of individuals was impacted by them working from a coworking space and the influence of the environment and social connections with productivity.

Several hundreds people participated in the study and the data was analyzed. Results were interesting so I am publishing it. Right now there only the Spanish version of the document but I will publish a English one too.

You will be able to read it soon.

The data confirms that both the social interactions and the space’s environment do positively affect the productivity of people who choose to work from a coworking space.

My research work on coworking motivated me to design a web application for managing coworking spaces. Check it out :)